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cosmetic brush guards



Simply insert brush base into expandable brush protector. Slide brush through until head is fully covered & protected by mesh.

*Use during travel & storage to maintain brush head shape.
*Use after cleaning brushes. Dry your brushes face down while keeping a perfect head shape & no risk of water damage to brush components.

Available in 3 sizes:
Small: Eye Brushes – #CBPS
Medium: Face Brushes – #CBPM
  Large: Kabuki & Buffer Brushes – #CBPL

15 PCS. Per pack with instructions on back of card. Room to place your logo label on front.





Now you can quickly and efficiently switch between makeup colors. Simply swish the brush over the sponge until pigment is removed,now you’re ready to move on to the next color. Sponge can be used on both sides. Clean with warm water and soap, lay flat to dry.


*This is not meant to replace regular cleaning and sanitizing of brushes.

Seeing is believing – click to see it in action!



Natural Ingredients/90% Certified Organic

Vegan & Gluten Free

You and your clients will love this formula…
it gently cleans and conditions brushes and
is enhanced with the most pleasant Lemongrass scent. Our quick dry aspect quickly & effectively cleanses without the need to rinse, so brushes are ready for immediate reuse in seconds!

Directions: Spray cleaner on paper towel and
gently rub brush head back and forth until color is removed.

2 oz. spray #NBC2

16 Oz. Pro Refill Size #NBC16

Store in dark place / Do not expose to direct sunlight. Keep away from eyes and mouth. Keep out of reach of Children.


brush cleaner

Professional Strength – Cosmetic   Brush Cleaner

Clean your bushes in-between client’s with Fast Drying Brush Cleaner.

2-ounce bottle #A611

2-ounce Pump Spray #A612

16 Oz. Pro Refill #A613

32 Oz. Pro Refill # A632


Warnings:  This is a chemical based cleaner: Avoid contact with any surface. Cleaner will destroy most plastic surfaces. We cannot be held responsible for any damages to your personal property. Store in dark place / Do not expose to direct sunlight. Keep away from eyes and mouth. Keep out of reach of Children.

Easy Grip Eyelash Curler

Easy Grip Eyelash Curler

Get a dramatic curl with just a few gentle squeezes. Easy Grip handle design for extra comfort and tension control. Grip locking device maintains tension when curler is not in use.


Mascara Lash Guard & Purse Size Lash Comb


Mascara Lash Guard:    Hold in place for both upper and lower lashes during mascara application.  Provides a no mess application, plus helps lengthen & separate  lashes when used as a backing to brush them up onto.#MLG


Purse Size Lash Comb:A travel size lash comb with perfectly spaced, metal teeth to easily guide through mascara, leaving clump free, great-looking lashes. #PSLC

 Sealers: Eye and Brow



Use in place of water to convert shadows into cake eyeliners. Your liners will go on great, look great & most importantly – stay on great.


BROW SEALER:  Lock in your brow color for all day stay! Draw it on, set it and forget it!




Brow Stencil Set

Brow Stencil Set

Brow Stencils are easy-to-use and quickly help you shape the perfect brow.  Set of 3 stencil sizes.




Pencil Sharpeners

  1. Slim line Single Hole Tube Sharpener #SLTS
  2. Duo Hole, Covered Sharpener #A615
  3. Duo Hole, Plastic Sharpener #PTHS
  4. Duo Hole, Metal Sharpener #A616






  1.    Pink Poly Puffs (12 PCs.)
  2.    Flocked Makeup Sponge (1 PCs.)
  3.    Round Flocked Makeup Sponge (1 PCs.)
  4.    Touch Up Puffs (12 PCs.)
  5.    White Satin/Velour Puffs (3 PCs.)
  6.    21/2″ Pink Powder Puffs (3 PCs. or  Bulk Bag of 24 PCs.)
  7.    3 3/4” Pro Peach Puffs (1 PCs. or Bulk Bag of 24 PCs.)
  8.    4″ Pro White Puff  (1 PCs. or Bulk Bag of 24 PCs.)


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Below are our older catalogue pages from this category for reference….

Although some of the items are being phased out, some are still available as closeouts.

(Please check with a sales associate for more details and availability)

Page 18

Page 18

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Cosmetic Brush Cleaner A611- Cosmetic Brush Cleaner – 2oz. A612- Pump Spray Cleaner – 2oz. A613- Pro. Size Cleaner – 16oz. A632- Pro. Size Cleaner – 32oz.

Assorted Accessory Items MLG – Mascara Lash Guard PSLC- Purse Size Lash Comb A600 – Lambswool Paddle A607 – Metal Lash Curler W/Refill PLBR – Rice Paper Blotters Rachel PLBW – Rice Paper Blotters White AB18 – Eyeliner Sealer LS18 – Lip Sealer BS18 – Brow Sealer DCP1 – Duo Concealer Pencil


Page 19

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Pencil Sharpeners, etc.A614 – Covered Slimline SharpenerA615 – Covered Duo Sharpener A616 – Metal Duo Sharpener SLTS – Slimline Tube Sharpener (new design not shown) PTHS – Plastic 2 Hole Sharpener BS – Brow Stencil Set

Powder Puffs P712 – Pink Polly Puffs (12 Pc.) W211- Flocked M/U Sponge WR11- Round Flocked Sponge DSFF – Duo Sponge Flocked/Foam (2 Pc.) P705 – White Satin /Velour Puff  (3 Pc) P700 – 2 Pink Powder Puffs (3 Pc.) P701 – Bulk Bag Of 24 Pc. P702 – 3 3/4″ Professional Peach Puff P703 – Bulk Bag Of 24 Pc. (Peach Puffs) WVPP – 4″ Pro. White Puff – Hand Sewn BWVPP- Bulk Bag Of 45 PCs. P706 – 3” White Puff W/Black Band (discontinued) P706B – Bulk Bag Of 36 PCs (discontinued)