Basic Essentials Line & Acrylic Brushes


Skilled Precision Tools and Luxury Combined! Attractive acrylic handles adorn the precision crafted tools. Soft, silky, yet full bodied Black Silk Goat Hair Face Brushes, European Blue Squirrel and Synthetic Eye and Lip Brushes. All sold individually – choose your favorites!



A complete brush line that is designed for unique, smooth application while retaining a very economically price point. Several shapes and sizes are available for lining, smudging, detail placement, buffing & blending. (This collection is also featured on our Mineral makeup pages, due to the tremendous popularity associated with it).



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Attractive Clear Handles

(This collection can not be hot stamped)

A59 – Acrylic Silk Large Buffer

A46 – Acrylic Silk Sm. Chubby Blusher

A2B – Acrylic Silk Powder/Blusher

A150 – Acrylic Silk Large Powder

A33 – Acrylic Sq. Spec. Contour/Blender

A12 – Acrylic Synthetic Oval 12

A29 – Acrylic Sq. Tapered Crease 6

A3 – Acrylic Sq. Tapered Crease 3

A239 – Acrylic Squirrel Special Fluff

A266 – Acrylic Synthetic Slanted Liner

A316 – Acrylic Synthetic Pull Apart

A210 – Acrylic Synthetic Fine Liner

A205 – Acrylic Synthetic Straight Liner



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Quality Mixed with Affordability

(Hot stamping minimum is 48 PCs. per brush for this collection)

BE-213 – Baby Buki (Shiny Silver)

BE-292 – Kabuki (Shiny Silver)

BE-185 – Flawless Face

BE-166 – Angled Face

BE-087 – Tapered Cheek

BE-030 – Wet/Dry Shadow

BE-036 – Flat Shader

BE-076 – Ultimate Concealer

BE-073 – Total Coverage Face

BE-027 – Thin Liner

BE-214 – Handi Flat Top

BE-037 – Angle Blender

BE-048 – Large Blender

BE-079 – Eye Crease

BE-038 – Shadow

BE-047 – Brow Definer

BE-031 – Flat Liner

BE-024 – Cover / Fill In

BE-029 – Groom Tool

BE-114 – Smudge

BE-237 – Slope Brush

BE-190 – Take Along Face -Small

BE-257 – Take Along Face -Large

BE-65 – Kabaggie (Kabuki Tote)