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Assorted Brushes
Powder Dispensing Brush – Original Clear PDBE 3,000
Silver Kabuki (High Grade Goat Hair) 1052 1,487
Limited Edition Kabuki SK05 353
Substitute Ultimate Buffer SUBB 385
Deluxe Wooden Brow Brush – Natural WBRN 250
The European Acrylic Collection
Face #24 Deluxe Angle Powder F24 103
Face #22 Angle Blush/Powder F22 80
Face #18 Deluxe Contour F18 111
Eye #15 Deluxe Blender E15 106
Eye #12 Slant Eye Contour E12 193
Eye #8 Precision Fluff E8 177
Eye #6 Slim Angle E6 97
Lip #3 Pointed Lip L3 101
Original Black Silk/Fiber Optic Brushes
Silk/Fiber   Face 32 BSF32 93
Silk/Fiber   Sm.  Face 18 BSF18 247
Silk/Fiber   Oval 11 BSF11 186
Silk/Fiber   Sm. Pointed 08 BSF08 236
Silk/Fiber   Lg. Pointed 16 BSF16 498
Nail Brushes
Short Round Nail F201 131
Flat Sable Nail (Long) F2006 95
Retractable Lip Brushes
Designer Sable Lip R405 14
Black Deluxe Slide (Metal) DSB1 87
Gold Metal Slide R407 750
Push Up Duster R406 259
Deluxe Gold Pop-Up GDPU 243
Black Pop-Up Powder R410 130
Accessory Items
Mini Lash Curler MLC 4200
Plastic Lash Curlers PC1 76
Complexion Brush – Black Handle A603 1049
Wedges & Sponges
2 PCs. Oval Compressed Cellulose Sponges CC11 269
Diamond Latex Wedge W209 420
Disposable Rayon Applicators (50 PCs.) DRGA 80
Sm. Lollypops (6 Pc.) DSLP 1423
Lg. Lollypops (6 Pc.) DLLP 1513
Suction Bulbs (10pcs.) SB00 71
Rubber Duck Set RD00 131
Ayate Soap Bar Holder ASB1 599
Ayate Body Smoother AS90 434
Wooden Foot File NWFF 201
Nylon Buffing Towel BBT 36
6″ Raw Loofah W216 5
Professional Jars & Palette Boxes
Clear Take Out Containers CT02 3200
Stackable Swing-Outs (1 Pc.) SSOT 3894
Powder Jar – Clear Top CTP2 88
Powder Jar – Closed Top CTP1 6
Tri Case (3 Slot Jar) TRI1 6,000 +
5 Way Divider Jar (Lip Wheel Combo Pot) 5ELW 10,900
Travel Shadow Box TSB1 50
Clear Makeup Tote Box CMT1 7
Cosmetic Bags & Brush Kits
Itty Bitty Brush Set in Itty Bitty Pouch ITTY1 60
5 Pc. Portable Brush Set In Cylinder 5PC 108
Designer Brush Ensemble In Black Quilted Bag K111 18
Black Quilted Bag (Empty) B308 380
Black Moiré Cosmetic Bag B302 300
Red Moiré Cosmetic Bag B303 526
Sm. Oval Clear /Micro Zip Bag CB00 449
Black Roll-Up Pouch- Empty K108 30
5 Pc. Mini Pack (No Bag) 5MINI 168
Small Clear Drawstring Bag B304 745
Black Drawstring Bag B305 230
Red Drawstring Bag B306 40
Bags Continued…
Executive Makeup Tote EMT 30
6PC. Pocket Brush Kit in Case PBK 89
Vinyl Envelope Bag with Snap Closure VEB 3,336
Faux Leather Brush Pouches W/Tie
9 Slot Pouch – empty 9SVP 16
Micro Fiber Brush Tote’s
Palette Boxes
6 Slot Palette Box SPB 35
12 Slot Palette Box LPB 2639
Small Makeup Suitcase With Lights EC2 41
Portable Makeup Station SMUSD 6
Cordura Pro Makeup Bag CB295 6
Directors Chair Style N DCSN 3
Directors Chair Style 0 DCSO 3
Side Accessory Bags for Chair SABC 2
Liquid Powder (Pump Bottle) LP30 478
TriShimmer – Millennium TRIO53 307
Liquid Liner – Shade PLUM FROST 29011 257
Lip Gloss Combo Wheel – YUMMIES GLOSS1 164
Lip Wheel Combo – BERRY COOL LIP1 239
Lip Wheel Combo – SOPHISTICATED LIP2 950
Sixplex Eyes – Dreamy Eyes Collection SP201 1046
Sixplex Lips – Swept Away Collection SP301 454
Lip Gloss Pots assorted
see shade list
Lip Gloss Wands assorted see shade list
Cream Liner Pots assorted see shade list
Cream Shadow assorted see shade list
Cream Blush assorted see shade list
Luscious Lip Balms assorted see shade list
Original Lipsticks assorted see shade list
Original Lip and Eye Pencils assorted see shade list
Fresh Face Loose Powder assorted see shade list
Fresh Face Pressed Powder assorted see shade list