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Special Offer for May & June!!!

Hygienic Makeup Application is a Must!

Help avoid cross contamination between clients.

Use single use, disposable applicators and keep it clean!

15% off items shown below.


Disposable ApplicatorsDisposable Applicator - 2

Bulk mini duo brow brushes

  1. Disposable Lip Applicators: Pony Hair  (25 PCs. #D112 or Bulk pack 100 PCs. #B112)
  2. Throw Away Lip Wands: Flocked Sponge (50 PCs.) #BTAW
  3. Compact Blush Brushes: Goat Hair (25 PCs.) #D118
  4. Disposable Mascara Wands: Nylon Bristle (25 PCs. #D111 or Bulk pack 100 PCs. #B111)
  5. Deluxe Double Tip Applicators: sponge (25 PCs.) #D109
  6.  Mini Synthetic Duo Brow Brushes  12 pack #BBKB12  Each measures 8 cm long.

NOTE  The Synthetic Duo Brow Brushes are more durable than a disposable and can be reused!



Disposable Tools & Spatula’s

Disposable Tools & Spatula's

  1. Cotton Swabs: Pointed / Flat  (50 PCs.) #CSPF
  2. Lucite Angled Spatulas (25 PCs.) #D113
  3. Mini Wooden Spatulas (50 PCs.) #DSWS
  4. Large Wooden Wax Applicators (25 PCs.) #D114
  5. Long White Spatulas (25 PCs.) #D121


Makeup Applicator Wedges

  1. Small Wedges 8 PCs. Wheel #W202 or Working Wedges Bulk Bag of 100 #W204
  2. Large Wedges 8 PCs. Block #W203 or Deluxe Working Wedges bag of 50 #W205
  3. Pink Bty Makeup Blender Sponge #PBS1

      Our White Poly Urethane Wedges (never flake / expand when wet)

Disposable Accessories

disposable 03

  1.  Treatment Pads 4 x 4   (200 PCs.) #D119
  2.  Makeup Remover Pads 2 x 3  (100 PCs.) #D116
  3.   Disposable Paper Palette 7″ x 7″ (30 sheets per booklet) #7X7





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Brushes by Karen / ColorStrokes Cosmetics