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 Get Your Glow On-August


summer makeup essentials special



Must be a minimum met order, both placed and fully paid for in August 2016.
Discount is subject to availability at time of purchase (no back orders).
Can not be combined with any other discount or offer other then listed above.



SUMMER SHIPPING!   Please note that during the hot summer months – cream based items such as Concealers, Lipsticks, etc. may be subject to prolonged heat exposure. We suggest that you consider expedited shipping to avoid conditions that are out of our control.  We will do our best when packing these goods and try to avoid shipping in the later part of the week but cannot be held responsible for issues that might arise due to extreme heat conditions. Whether we are shipping to you or you are shipping to your own clients, we both cannot control the climate during the shipping process.  Warehouses/trucks/vans utilized by shippers are NOT climate controlled. Tip:  In heated weather these products can release a bit of the ingredient oil/liquid – this is referred to as sweating. This is NOT a ruined or rotten product. It is perfectly safe to use. Some of our clients  put these items in a refrigerator for 5 -10 minutes (do not over expose) to set the product back to a firmer state.