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Shown below are just a few of the brushes & accessory item that we recommend for use with Minerals. Please see our entire BRUSH COLLECTION

Tools and Accessories

100% Synthetic Brush Fibers -Cruelty Free & Vegan approved (No Animal Hair/Fur)

No animal hair is used in the manufacturing of our synthetic brushes; therefore, absolutely no animals were harmed or used in any way.



3 collections available…

  1. Brown Faux
  2. Black Faux
  3. Duo Fibers

fauxcollage2 Our Black Faux brushes offer the perfect combination of softness and delivery. Not only are they super soft and full of body, they have the added benefit of being gentler on the skin. Synthetic bristles are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Odor and dye-free when washed, they have minimal shedding (if any). They clean & dry quickly making them ideal and safe for sensitive skin. They are the perfect compliment to our natural Mineral line. Perfect for Mineral applications in the treatment room.  


When just a light touch is needed… Brushes by Karen’s collection of Black Faux / Fiber brushes have a unique hair design (layers of Black & White Synthetic hair) helps to soften the high-pigmented colors of mineral powders as they are applied.  Colors go on so soft and natural that there is no need to blend. The larger Sizes work great with all powders where a light touch is needed.  Bronzers go on effortlessly and airbrushed looking.  Mid sizes are ideal for Mineral Blush and can also be used for a light touch of finishing powder, shimmers or bronzers.  The smallest sizes are perfect for Mineral Shadows and can also be used for setting concealer with powder.   Fiber Optics

Black Faux / Fiber Optic Collection (formally Black Silk/Fiber Optics)

This collection has been reworked to be 100% synthetic. The new synthetic versions are now available. They have longer, thicker matte black handles (to match the Black Faux Collection).  The older styles are available – while they last – but can always be custom made.    


Many shapes. Many sizes.
Luscious Kabuki BufferDeluxe Kabuki Buffer

  • TOP ROW:
  • Basic Essential Bukies (Left)
  • Luscious Kabuki …aka Buff IT (Middle)
  • Deluxe Kabuki (Right)
  • Synthetic Bukies (Bottom left)
  • Fiber Optic Bukies (Middle)
  • Rosewood Bukies (Top)
  • Not shown:  New Black Faux Kabuki




Ultimate Buffer (A Kabuki on a handle)


Basic Essentials

The Basic Essentials collection combines quality with affordability. This very popular collection offers all the tools you will need for a complete Mineral makeup and beyond.




  • Use this liquid sealer in place of water to convert mineral shadows into cake eyeliners.
  • Your liners will go on great, look great & most importantly – stay on great..

          D20 MOISTURE SPRITZ –

  • For all skin types, especially those needing extra hydration.
  • Use to set minerals after makeup has been applied. Use to hydrate skin at any time – especially in dry climates or planes.
  • D20 Moisture Spritz is a good substitute moisturizer for oily or acne prone skin.
  • Laser patients spritz frequently – especially during dry, tight, flaky period.
  • Mist face as often as desired to refresh and hydrate.
  • D20 makes a great wetting solution to convert loose mineral foundations into Liquid foundations.

2 oz. fine mist spray Bulk – 1 Gallon Jug



  • Can be used as an overall blender after applications.
  • Blends the minerals and does not drag.
  • Use it in combination with D20 Moisture Spritz to set foundation and minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores.
  • Our flocked puff has been compared to many on the market and found superior in quality & thickness.

        POWDER DISPENSING BRUSH  Brown Faux Dispensing brush

  • Now 100% Synthetic.
  • Sold empty for you to fill with your favorite shade.
  • The unique dial mechanism, allows you to control the powder flow.
  • Optional drawstring pouch sold separate.
  • Our updated version has 100% synthetic Brown Faux Vegan Hair, Matte silver cap and base.
  • See packaging options for more details.

Our original dispensing brush (pure pony hair, clear cap and base) shown below, is still available & deeply discounted – while they last.  Dispensing Brush     DISPOSABLE ARTIST PALETTES 

  • paperpalettes1An easy, tidy & sanitary way to work with loose Mineral Powders.
  • This special non-absorbent paper provides a durable, contaminate-free working surface that resists penetration.
  • Sheets remain securely in place when using, yet tear off easily after use.
  • Works great with Mineral Powders as well as all powders, creams, foundations, etc.
  • Original Palette – 7″ x 7″
  • New Mini Palette – 3.5″ x 3.5″ – great size for personal use.