Vegan Brushes: Brown Faux & Magic Makeup Wands 100% Synthetic


100% Synthetic: Cruelty Free & Vegan approved (No Animal Hair/Fur)

  Stock supply consists of: 27 styles of wood handle brushes (which can be printed with your company name). 2 Mini travel brushes / 2 Kabuki brushes plus 1 retractable travel Kabuki.

Not all synthetic brushes are created equal! Each one of these very special Brown Faux brushes is designed to work with both creams and powders. They pick up color well and deliver a smooth application. They are the softest brushes ever to touch your face. With matte black handles and black ferrules, these brushes not only feel fantastic and work well but they look amazing! Synthetic bristles are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Odor and dye-free when washed, they have minimal shedding (if any). They clean & dry quickly making them ideal and safe for sensitive skin. They are the perfect complement to our natural Mineral line! Perfect for Mineral applications in the treatment room!


Magic Makeup Wands From foundation to contouring to highlighting – they do it all!  Velvet feel and airbrush finish.  You can’t get better then that!

Small Wand

small magic makeup wandContour / Conceal / Highlight

Medium Wandmedium magic makeup wand

Foundation / BB Cream / Precision Blender

Large Wand

Large magic makeup wandOverall Blender / Loose Powders/ Bronzers / Self Tanners



BFF044 : line & smudge

Not your traditional eyeliner brush – this one works! Apply your liners as you want (not too thick, not too thin). Just perfect placement every time where bristles stay accurate and precise, use after use.

BFF052 : slant

Powders will cling to it, gel liners will glide along happy with it! Brow powders will go on and stay in place.

BFF056 : perfect line

A perfectly straight version (no angle) eyeliner brush. Easy control with a simple pressing motion of the end bristles to apply your favorite liners (both upper & lower, wet or dry).

BFF058 small all over

BFF058 : small allover

The flat tapered head is great for concealing under eye, around nose, etc. It makes a great multi-tasker as an eye shadow or lip brush!


bff 60 large all over

BFF060 : large all over

This is a larger version of Small All Over Brush! It has a larger, rounded, flat tapered head that glides concealers on beautifully and is large enough to cover areas about the face in no time at all!

062 smudger

BFF062 smudge

Go ahead – smudge away around the delicate skin, around the eyes! This brush will do everything you want it to with softness and gentle, extra loving-care. Get deep in the crease, smudge and smoke pencils or shadows, wet or dry – go for it! 64 pointed scultptor

BFF064 : pointed sculptor

Reach deep in the crease with this tapered crease brush. It has a long, firm, rounded head that reaches deep into the eye crease. Also comes in handy for spot foundation coverage! 66 angled scultptor

BFF066 : angled sculptor

Perfectly shaped for an overall shadow blender and very useful to set concealers under the eye with a light dusting of setting powder. 91 multi task

BFF091 : multi task

A double sided brush whose name speaks for itself! We have taken the Perfect Line and the Small All Over heads to create a brush that can (and will) do it all. This is a must have brush!   Brown Faux Duo Brow Brush

BFF099: duo brow brush

(deluxe spooly mascara brush with Slanted liner) Brow FauxThin line Vegan Brush

BFF036: thin line

Brow Faux Large Shadow

BFF068: large fluff

Brow Faux Pointed Eye Co

BFF072: pointed eye contour

Brow Faux Eye Definer

BFF070: eye definer

160 chubby blender

BFF160 : chubby blender

This brush has surprised us all! The unique shape is firmly packed, extra tight and can contour like the best of them or simply apply a perfect blush or smoothly blend the entire face. Try it for applying a liquid foundation – you might be pleasantly surprised by its performance. 175 small pointed face

BFF175 : small pointed face

This ultra-soft brush picks up the right amount of blush or powder every time. Its distinctive, full shape comes to a rounded point at the tips and makes application a breeze. 190 brown faux large pointed face

BFF190 large pointed face

A larger version of our Small Pointed face for all over heavenly feel on your face as you dust on your favorite finishing powder or bronzer. 200 brown faux small rounded face

BFF200 : small rounded face

A full rounded head for all over dusting or blushing the apples of your cheeks to perfection! 250 brown faux large rounded face

BFF250 : large rounded face

A full rounded head for dusting on your finishing powders or all over face colors. Feels so luxuriously beautiful on the face, you won’t want to stop dusting! 330 brown faux jumbo buffer

BFF330 : jumbo buffer

Think of this as a Jumbo Kabuki with the added benefit of a nice long chubby handle for super easy use! You’ll get full, even application without overdoing it! This is one of our most sort after brushes! 280 jumbo flat top

BFF280 : jumbo flat top

Some like it Flat! This is a very full, densely packed head that gives superb full coverage. Use with pressed foundations or dusting in finishing powders. This brush is designed for a heavier application and coverage. Brow Faux Vegan Foundation Brush

BFF140: Foundation

BFF125 brown faux: long pointed perfecter


BFF125 brown faux: long pointed perfecter


Brow Faux Jumbo Fan

BFF315: jumbo fan

210 brown faux Small Buki

SB210 : small buki

The small Kabuki is identical to the Jumbo Kabuki only smaller and cuter! Its small size makes a great travel brush or perfectly applies check and contour colors.

290 brown faux large buki

SB290 : large buki

You’ll get beautiful full coverage with this Jumbo Kabuki. The fully packed, dense head will buff on Minerals to airbrushed perfection, while feeling like pure silk against your skin. It is a must have for those with sensitive skin – the ultra soft synthetic bristles simply cannot irritate your skin no matter how much you buff! And you over-buffers out there know what we’re talking about! BFF360 Brown faux retractable buki

BFF360 : retractable kabuki

Full size kabuki buffer in its own matte black metal case with retractable inner sleeve to keep bristles in perfect shape. Travel in style and keep it clean! BFF-Mini-Flat

BFF299 : mini flat top

It’s a mini (take along version) of the large flat top. Pictured together to show the size difference. Throw one in your bag or purse and you are ready for touch ups on the go! 75 mini duo eye

SB075 : mini duo eye brush

The perfect take along “Mini Me” brush for touch up’s on the road. This brush is so versatile, it can do it all! Works with shadows, concealers, eyeliners and even lipstick! And it’s so cute too! bff046 brown faux mini eye buki

BFF046 : mini eye buki

Don’t let the name fool ya! although it was made to add mineral color to the eye in one soft, sweep…this cute little take along brush is a great touch up tool. Try using it to build mineral powder coverage where you want it and not where you don’t. BrownFauxMiniSet

brown faux: mini brush set

Travel set of seven mini brown faux brushes, packaged in a mini black pouch. Click on image below to view Black Faux Brushes & Dual Fiber Brushes. BlackFauxThumbnail Brown Faux Powder Dispensing Brush – Item #BFPD

BFPD brown faux: powder dispensing brush

The perfect take along for all of your loose powders.  Our powder dispensing brush offers the same soft, brown fix, synthetic hair. More