BBK’s Spring/Summer 2015 Trend Report

The blackest of black liner is a must-have!  And there are several ways to wear it this 2015 spring/summer season. 

eyelinerFor the daytime – go with a single clean and chic top line only. Keep it tight or wing it up and out. 

For nighttime – glam it up by tight-lining all the way around your eye (top & bottom) with black liquid eyeliner.


NEW!!!!   LIQUID LINER in Deep Black

All Natural * 75% Organic * Vegan * Gluten Free * Cruelty Free * Made in the USA


Our new Liquid Liner with felt tip applicator draws a perfect line.  Try going real thick on top and keep the rest of the face soft and natural. Experiment with just the outer corners lined (top and bottom) while keeping the inner corners clean & natural. Finish with Black Mascara.


pretty natural girl



They are calling it the year of the facial. Keep skin in tip top shape and then enhance it for a natural, radiant glow. We will see a refreshing, easy to wear (easy to create) fresh face. Our new Aloe based, Liquid Foundation will feed your skin with nourishing nutrients and leave you looking flawless!  The” barely there” look was seen all over the runways. It actually takes makeup to look like you’re not wearing any!

30ML Vegan Foundation













This look is lipcheek tint shadesdefined with natural hues, soft blush, pinky brown lip gloss and well groomed brows. Runway models were seen with dewy radiant skin and glossy lips. Gloss was even applied to the model’s upper cheekbones for an unexpected radiant sheen. Blurred, burgundy stained lips will also complement flawless, luminous skin. Deep Berry lipsticks or Bright Reds can be dusted with translucent powder to matte and soften the edge for an easier way to wear.

Our new Lip & Cheek Tint Chubby Pencils deliver subtle color to the lips and cheeks using a nourishing and hydrating formula that features organic ingredients.

Lip + Cheek Tints come in four sheer yet buildable shades for lips & cheeks (and even eyes).

All Natural * 75% Organic * Vegan * Gluten Free * Cruelty Free * Made in the USA.

Merlot  is an easy & multitasking way to wear  this year’s hottest color (Marsala)! 

Pink Frost triples as a beautiful highlighter.

Sienna is a timeless warm earthy shade.

Blush to play up your natural rosiness and glow.

merlot cheek tintTie you hair back in a smooth, neat pony tail and finish the look by using a fresh new mascara to avoid dried out clumps on your lashes. Curl lashes first and then apply mascara starting at the roots of your lash line.  Just one or two coats of black or try using brown for a defined, yet no makeup look. Need a little more undetectable definition? Pencil the inside of your upper lid (under the lash line). No one will know – it will be your little secret. Oh and by the way …we just happen to make a great Lash Curler, Natural Mascara and Natural Pencil to help finish this look…not to toot our own horn…but…toot toot –  just say’in.
Whatever you decide to wear and however you decide to wear it… Have a pretty Spring!

Prep & Set Powder

Brand New Pressed Mineral Rice Powders… “Prep & Set Powder”

The combination of Minerals and Organics creates a lightweight matte finish that will leave   your skin feeling and looking fresh & refined!  Controls shine, prolongs makeup wear,  all while making your skin feel like silk!

Natural, Vegan & Gluten Free

Pep & Set Powders featured in Day Spa Magazine - December 2012

Pep & Set Powders featured in Day Spa Magazine – December 2012


“I’m ready for my closeup” ….starring Vegan Brushes!

New pics of our Vegan Brushes are up! 

Come see all of the large, closeup shots of these beautiful, 100% Synthetic brush heads.


Your company name can be hot stamped on the handle- FREE!  

160 chubby blender

Brown Faux Collection



BLACK FAUX foundation

Black Faux Collectiom

Faux/Fiber Face 32

Dual: Faux/Fiber Collection

Not all synthetic brushes are created equal! Each one of these very special Brown Faux brushes is designed to work with both creams and powders. They pick up color well and deliver a smooth application. They are the softest brushes ever to touch your face. With matte black handles and black ferrules, these brushes not only feel fantastic and work well but they look amazing! Synthetic bristles are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Odor and dye-free when washed, they have minimal shedding (if any). They clean & dry quickly making them ideal and safe for sensitive skin. They are the perfect complement to our natural Mineral line! Perfect for Mineral applications in the treatment room!


Makeup colors, trends and styles we’ll be seeing for Fall 2014

Colors, trends and styles we’ll be seeing for Fall 2014

Flawless, glowing skin with a strong brow, natural lips and tousled hair will be an extension of spring/summer 2014′s trend of a “No Makeup-Makeup Look.”  Other timeless trends will include perfect skin with a strong glamorous red lip as well as the still going strong Cat Eye.  For those that finally perfected the winged out liner, good news… it’s not going anywhere.  We will be seeing lots more of this look, from subtle to bold and everything in between: Black liner worn with a simple thin, winged out line or bold & heavily lined grunge look (or as I like to call it from a soft meow to a loud roar).  It’s still okay to release your inner cat this fall. Our black liners are offered in many forms – choose your favorite!  Pencil or cream gel liner, from our natural collection  or Liquid or cake from our traditional line

Brows are back!  Okay, they never really went away!  Brows were seen all over the runway, big & bold, either penciled in or powdered in, adding emphasis on the arch is a great way to enhance your eyebrows.     Our Natural / Organic Brow Powders come in four shades and have such great pigment that they can double as eyeliner & shadow.  Use Clear Brow Gel to keep them intact or Clear Brow Sealer to keep the color locked in place!

The seasons lip color is dependent on the eyes. Pick one or the other…Strong eye, keep lips simple!  If eyes are understated, go for a bolder lip; shades in deep berry stains & the always classic red will be strong this season.Our new glosses may be natural in ingredients, but the color is anything but!  These are our strongest, most pigmented glosses to date! Two new shades Ti Amo & Femme Fatale – in total trend for Fall 2014. Ti Amo, a cherry berry and Femme Fatale, a stronger Bordeaux, are both berry sophisticated shades for the fall!  Both are on sale for September.

Natural lips were everywhere during Fashion Week, from a simple lip balm to nude gloss or lipstick.  The colors changed in tone to match the model’s natural skin tone. The nude lip was not limited to browns, a shimmery pink gloss played well alone or on top of a nude lipstick.   Our natural lip liners, gloss and lipsticks have colors that are perfect to play up this look.

Flawless skin starts & ends with our New Pressed Mineral “Prep & Set” Powders. The combination of Minerals and Organics creates a lightweight matte finish that will leave your skin feeling and looking fresh & refined! Controls shine, prolongs makeup wear, all while making your skin feel like silk!

Remember… We are Private Label!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh… If you liked it, then you should put a name on it!

The Natural / Organic aspect of our line is a draw in itself.  Add on to that the “Vegan and Gluten Free” story and now you have reached a whole new audience.  It is a marketing story on its own.  And then of course our usual advice…. Love what you wear and wear what you sell!