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Cleaning Makeup Brushes Methods

How-to: Care for and Clean Makeup Brushes

 Oils from skin and dust adhere to brushes and can cause breakouts. It is important to clean your personal brushes regularly and your demo brushes between clients.
Quick Dry Method:
Dampen a section of a paper towel with Fast Drying Brush Cleaner and wipe brush form side to side. (You can also use Rubbing Alcohol but this may be drying and harsh on the brushes over time).  As the towel gets dirty, dampen another section and repeat. Not only will this clean the brushes, but the Brush Cleaner / Alcohol evaporates quickly for a clean brush that’s ready to go.
Shampoo and Conditioner:
You can use a mild baby shampoo or an anti-bacterial soap. Rinse brush head gently under lukewarm water, with the brushes at a 45 degree angle pointing down, using fingers to massage shampoo/Soap to hair. Apply in the direction of the hair from ferrule towards top. (Ferrule: The metal part of the brush between the hair and handle). Rinse gently under running water, thoroughly. If desired, follow as above with conditioner. Gently reshape the head of the brush and lay flat over the edge of a table or counter so that the bristles are open to the air on all sides. Allow to completely dry for a few hours and then simply hand fluff back to shape.
Be careful not to let any cleaner or water run inside the ferrule (the metal part of the brush between the hair and handle). This can weaken the glue used to hold the hair and cause shedding problems or even loosen handles. Always lay brushes flat to dry. Do not blow dry – this will cause the hair to frizz.
With proper care, your brushes will be enjoyed for years 
Brushes by Karen’s Fast Drying Brush Cleaner

 2 oz with or without pump spray 

16 or 32 ounce professional refill

Brush Set Giveaway contest

Chance to win a Professional Brush Set!


Enter to win a Professional Brush Set
All Details at:
Our East Meets West Brush Collection in an all new Black Zip Around Brush Pouch.
13 Brush styles fit comfortably in this convenient, take anywhere brush pouch.The middle section of the pouch has a zippered compartment for your other necessities (lipstick, liner, powder, etc.) Or if your anything like me…. room for a concealer. (I never leave home without it.
This collection has it all...from fine lining to shadow, blush, contouring and all over powder placement.  This set is perfect for everyday home use as well as a professional makeover. Thanks to the handy pouch that doesn’t take up to much room – it travels great.
4 winners.    
Ya gotta be in it to win it.
Contest starts:  Oct. 02, 2013

Contest ends: Oct. 30, 2013 at 5 pm est.

Domed Powder brown goat
Stipple white & black Synthetic
Color Lay down 3-tone taklon
Slanted Cheek Definer brown goat
Lg. Oval Shading brown pony
Lg. Angle Shader brown pony
Round Prescion 3 brown pony
Shaodw Fluff brown pony
Lg. Tapered Concealer 3-tone synthetic
Medium Detailer 3-tone synthetic
Small Detailer 3-tone synthetic
Precise Angle Line 3-tone synthetic
Firm Liner 3-tone synthetic

Brushes by Karen Fall/Winter Trends & Promo

Our Fall/Winter 2013/2014 Beauty Trend Report.

our Fall & Winter picks are all 15% Off
IN September & October.
Plus  Combine August’s Promo Savings  
(See Index page for details).
Contact your sales rep for All pricing details.
    See below: Click on an image below to enlarge.
1. Naturally Flawless & Naked Skin.
2. Black Liner: from Simple to Grunge.
3. Burgundy Stained Lips
4. Smokey Metallic Eyes
5. Index